Preemptive Kibosh: The Michael Phelps Halloween Costume

Yeah, we know it’s coming so let’s just take a minute, downward dog it out and breathe. Do you REALLY want to be Michael Phelps for Halloween? We know, he just won 8 gold medals, is the current American pop icon and might secretly be the 4th Jonas brother, but that’s now. A lot can change in 2 months.

Right now it seems really tempting to buy those $9 goggles from Sports Authority, browse online for those body-length Speedos, and start thinking of how you can get the letters P-H-E-L-P-S on a swim cap. It’s easy, but we won’t tell you how because we’re not going to allow this to happen. We’re not going to let you be Michael Phelps for Halloween.

We can see it now: Girls and boys gathered around a keg from NYU to Pomona dressed as Sexy Barack Obama, Sexy John McCain, Ironically Sexy Hannah Montana, and Michael F’ing Phelps. It’s a confluence of circumstances too tempting for the average “Brah-Man-Dude” (BMD) to pass up. If you spend that much time at the gym, that much money on Men’s Health subscriptions and that much 2% milk to mix with your whey protein why would you not capitalize on that investment with a Halloween costume that will allow you to be shirtless while still culturally relevant?

An obvious answer would be “taste,” but let’s be real here. We’re dealing with Halloween and the type of people who like to dress up for Halloween. “Taste” hasn’t factored into their decision making process since they had to choose what Tasti-D-Lite cone to get for their Kappa Kappa Girlfriend after the Kappa Sigma formal at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

If you want to be a true Balla’weener think one step past the competition. Everyone’s going to be Michael Phelps and who wants to compete with a bunch of BMDs indicating their D’Angelo V with their hands all night? See their Shirtless Oneder and raise them a meta pop culture reference. What is a Michael Phelps costume but a deconstructed Aquaman suit? Ipso facto, Adrian Grenier. Ipso facto Williamsburg t-shirts. Ipso facto, you. So why mess around this Halloween season? Wear the best costume of all, yourself. You’re already the Shirtless Oneder, and you don’t even know it.

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3 Responses to Preemptive Kibosh: The Michael Phelps Halloween Costume

  1. […] the future, something we know a little something about.  We have been warning you of the Michael Phelps Halloween costume since August, and we think you’d be hard pressed to find a media outlet that uncovered the […]

  2. […] The first costume suggestion we have to make your party more enjoyable is the Moose.  Dressing as a moose and prancing around the dance floor will not only force all those dressed as Sarah Palin to acknowledge the total predictability of their costume, but also encourage interaction as the crowd begins to chant, “Kill, Baby, Kill!”  The Sexy Sarah Palins will have to mime a moose hunt and stalk you around the apartment, bar, club or basement.  If you’re a dude, you’ll have just scored an automatic in with at least one of those Sexy Palins, the end game goal for any het-sex this Halloween.  If you’re a girl, well, you’ll have just one-upped all of those hair-up hotties and established yourself as Alpha Female, the one to be contended with for the affections of the inevitably in attendance Sexy Michael Phelps. […]

  3. Dudenation says:

    So here is an idea for the ladies…

    Dress as a “Gold Medal” and then you can “hang” on all the sexy michael phelps boys.

    I mean…its an idea for the dudes as well, depending on your tastes of course.

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