Google Loses Mojo, Tries to Get On Yours

An Op-Ed on Monday’s Computer World website cried that Google had lost its mojo and tried to convince me that I should care.  The piece went on to talk about Google’s decision to increase the price of child care for its employees and the 34% decrease in its stock price.  Except I could never get a job at Google, hate everyone I ever met who worked for the corporation, and don’t own any stocks.  But then I asked Google a reasonably easy question and its responses shocked me.

It appears Google truly had lost its mojo and was hell bent on squandering mine too.  Well, I won’t have it, Google.  If anything’s going to steal my mojo it’s going to be old age and a prostate the size of Mike Ditka’s forehead.  I guess I’ll just have to Ask Jeeves.  I hear he’s a sordid dude.

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