Michelle Obama: Trillary 2.0

Ten More Years!  Ten More Years!

Ten More Years! Ten More Years!

Is it just us or did Michelle Obama look kind of Presidential last night during her keynote address on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention in Denver?  Yeah, the content of her speech was what we expected, an extended version of the monologue Julianne Moore gave toward the end of Trust the Man (I am a wife and a mother first, and you can go fuck yourself!), but there was something else, one of those intangibles that pundits usually attach to her husband.

Then it hit us: Shnikes, what if Michelle Obama IS the Hillary of 2024?  What if after 8 years in the White House as First Lady she changes her residence, picks up some poorly contested Senate seat, serves 2 terms then mounts a national Presidential campaign that, this time, gets that 20 millionth crack in the glass ceiling and that atrium comes crashing down?

You heard it here first, MoJaMa Mommas.  Trillary 2.0 in 2024.

2 Responses to Michelle Obama: Trillary 2.0

  1. Honey Dip says:

    Wait? How old is Michelle Obama. Won’t she be too old? Plus, it took mad long for America to be ready for a Black (male) Prez. A Black woman will need to wait at least 100 years until this can happen (?). I say a White woman is next – they got skipped. Who knows for sure, anything can happen.

  2. Are there going to be any white women left by 2024? I thought we were all going to look like Alicia Keyes.

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