MoJaMa Saloot: Sexy Sarah Palin

Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty Palin comparison to the woman Sen. McCain selected as his running mate today. Gov. Sarah Palin, of Alaska, is a spritely 44 years old, and you know what? She doesn’t look a day over sexy. Sit back, relax and, like Joe Biden, master debate with sexy Sarah Palin.

One Response to MoJaMa Saloot: Sexy Sarah Palin

  1. […] For those of you who have more mustard than me and plan to join the ranks of the uninspired this Halloween, we have some tips to get you through that inevitable come down from your Halloween high when you walk into a costume bash to find your Electric Chair Man Mao costume grossly over the heads of your keg-tapping, partying peers.  You see, this year’s Gala gallivanting Halloweener is going to have to deal with a phenomenon not seen since the Tom Cruise Tighty Whitey costume craze of 1984.  That craze?  The Sexy Sarah Palin. […]

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