Kafka on the Sure: A Lament for the Disenchanted

Sigh.  We’ve backed off of campaign coverage of the 2008 Presidential election because, to be honest, it was bumming us the fuck out.  I watched 3 hours of CNN yesterday and all I heard were partisan pundits debate the issue of who has the most authentic claim to the concept of change.  When asked by CNN how John McCain can wave the banner of change as a member of the party that has determined the status quo for the past 8 years, Tucker Bounds, the McCain campaign spokesman, answered with a packaged response comprised of Republican Talking Points for the day and rebutted with an attack on Barack Obama.

The whole process is more disheartening than a Lars Von Trier movie could be on the topic.  Blame bounces around from the candidates to the campaigns to the channels that cover it all.  Perhaps that’s the promise New Media serves on behalf of our culture – to cut through the spin, to bypass partisan slant and just call bull shit on the whole circus of recriminations.

Which is why we must reprint here our response to a post on Pheisty Blog.  The author posted an email from a friend that read:

The Democrats have developed an interesting sense of morality.  John Edwards was banned from making a speech at the Democratic convention for having an affair and lying about it.  In his place Bill Clinton spoke and there was a tribute to Ted Kennedy.  What am I missing?

And so it continues.  The drop dead serious issues of our country are swept under the rug in favor of circuitous debates over which party is holier than thou.  Spoiler alert: neither is the party of principle.  Each has no sublet on moral high ground and the sooner we, as a country, as an electorate, can accept that we are voting for politicians not priests, the sooner we can conclude these empty, bombastic displays of indignation.  And here was our response to the post on Pheisty Blog:

The Democrats never made “family values” a part of their platform as zealously as the Republicans have over the past 20 years. The Democrats disallowing John Edwards to speak in favor of Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy was more PR than moral.

The Republican ticket, however, wants the government to determine how our kids’ sexuality is legislated. They stand on a stage and lecture the public on “Family Values” and the “Sanctity of Marriage” while affairs and divorce litter Sen. McCain’s past.

Hypocrisy is endemic to the process if we, the public, keep insisting one side has more moral authority than the other. We say he’s a Muslim; we say she’s a token appointment.  Meanwhile people who work their whole lives, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, are abandoned in their old age because Medicare is broken. Immigrants from Eastern Europe claiming asylum within our borders benefit from public assistance while Americans who make too much money after working for their country their entire lives are forced to sell their homes to afford places in elderly care centers.

This is our America; these are our states; these are our counties. And all we care about is campaign coverage and moralist hearsay.

But what does it matter?  We already said we’re for Obama so anyone with opposing views will write us off as liberal bloggers yelling into the echo chamber of unanimous agreement.  Perhaps you don’t care what we have to say because you’d rather watch You Tube videos about Sarah Palin, psychoanalyze an interview with Barack Obama about his alleged Muslim faith, or mine the web for conflicting comments made by the Governor of Alaska on the Bridge to Nowhere.

Our political discourse is broken.  Much like our government; much like our health-care system; much like our tax code, and yes, much like our borders.  We’re all zealots waiting for our turn to talk.  Never listening.  Never taking the time to think what truly is at stake and what we truly have to gain from this election.  November is our opportunity to make a statement about the care our parents will receive as they age; November is our opportunity to make a statement about what we expect in return for the years of garnished wages we pay into Social Security; November is our opportunity to demand more from a State that takes its people for granted.  But we won’t because we’ll vote with our guts, casting ballots based on flag pins, alleged religious views and controversial friendships.

We’ve already wasted this election by not making specific claims on our candidates for a better future.  We’ve already wasted this election by allowing the conversation to be dominated by bull shit speculation, analyses of gaffes, and recycled talking points .  In two months our new President will be sworn into office with no specific mandate or agenda, and our opportunity to make demands as voters will have passed.  So what’s the fucking point?  Here, watch another You Tube video to keep the world at bay .  Sigh.  Mother.  Fucking.  Sigh.

4 Responses to Kafka on the Sure: A Lament for the Disenchanted

  1. yeah. I like rafael’s weapon, but I just prefer Donatello as my favorite turtle. Then again, I’m a hank McCoy lookin boy

  2. Joey says:

    If you’d read the rest of my blog, you’d see that it’s primarily issues-based. Just because I chose to post a comment from one of my friends that showed an obvious double-standard within the Democrat Party doesn’t mean that I’m ignoring the issues.

    It’s an unfair criticism, but it shows that you–along with the rest of the Dems–are grasping for anything since you can’t WIN on the issues.

    Nice try.

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