McCain vs. Obama! This Friday Only!

Is it just us, or is CNN hyping this Friday’s debate between McCain and Obama like an old boxing match between two heavy-weights?  The young black man vs. the Great White Hope?  Can you imagine how many parrallels a well thought out post could make between Friday’s debate and Ralph Ellison, Richard Wright, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, and Jack Johnson?  Too bad I’m in a B&B in Maine about to hike through Acadia National Park for the day.  Oh well, the seeds have been sown, you grow the tree of knowledge and pick its forbidden fruit.  We can’t do everything for you.  Who do you think we are, the federal government?  Bail your own shit out.  I got my $700 Billion saved up for a Whale Watching tour in Muscongus Bay.  Late-ah.

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