NFoLogy: Palin’s Politics of McNabb

Palin Jogging in Philly in Friday.

Palin Jogging in Philly on Friday.

We know we’ve lambasted the mainstream media over the past few months regarding their focus on inconsequential details in the 2008 race for President, and that doing the same would make us hmongous hypocrites, but we assuage your concerns with the reminder that, yo, we’re a Webasin based on a prologue from a Public Radio show.  To make things even worse, we didn’t even hear that prologue on the radio.  We heard it on a podcast.  So we shouldn’t be responsible for filtering through the MSNBS since, after all, we ain’t getting paid.  That’s not to say that we don’t care.  Oh, we care.  We care so very much that the minute we saw a video of Sarah Palin jogging this morning on MSNBC we immediately felt compelled to share our poorly developed initial thoughts on the issue with you, our faithful reader.

It’s not that Sarah Palin went jogging that’s news to us, as it is to some others.  It’s what she was wearing: a Donovan McNabb #5 Eagles home jersey.  We’re not sure when the footage was taken, but the Eagles lost a close one to the Bears last night at Soldier Field and the choice of a McNabb jersey is, for reasons I can’t really articulate, a statement.

Though Alaska has no professional sports teams, a Seahawks jersey would seem a more obvious choice.  Or a Redskins jersey since our buddy from Anchorage seems to sweat them so hard.  What it comes down to is the politicization of sports.  As John Kerry found out in 2004 when he referred to the Green Bay Packers stadium as Lambert Field, people care about their football teams, and one way to an electorate’s heart is through admiration of its gridiron icons.  Joe Biden knows this, which is why he was in Green Bay for the kickoff of Monday Night Football, and it seems now Sarah Palin has learned the power of the powder puff.

You can almost imagine the decision-making process by committee that the Palin-McCain McCampaign team went through when deciding what and whose jersey Palin should wear to jog in public a few days before her first Vice Presidential debate:

  • The debate will be held in St. Louis so why not wear a Rams jersey?  A tough one since the Rams had their own crises of succession last week, benching Marc Bulger for Trent Green.  Wearing a jersey of one of the two candidates, Palin would have taken a side on the local matter and risked alienating a portion of the state she would soon be visiting.  Also, the Rams, at the moment, suck.
  • Though Seattle teams have a fan base that extend north into Alaska, Washington is not a closely contested state and the effort courting votes would be wasted.
  • Ohio is a swing state, but how do you choose between the Browns and the Bengals?  Again, choosing to put on for one while ignoring the other would be as politically damaging in Ohio as advocating the dissolution of Social Security to pay for more Brooks Brothers suits for out of work Lehman Brothers analysts.
  • The same can be said for Florida.
  • That leaves Pennsylvania, a state united in its fickle support of its one NFL team (oh, yeah, the Steelers, my bad.  my friend bandwagoned them so i try to not to think about them because she’s from st. louis and abandoned support of her hometown teams when they stopped dominating sports).  By appearing on national news in a McNabb jersey less than 12 hours after the difficult Eagles’ loss to the Chicago Bears, Palin was appealing to the state’s swing voters at their most vulnerable moment.  Palin was recognizing the effort put forth by Philly’s Iggles and choosing to still support them even after defeat at the hands and goal line stands of Obama’s beloved Bears, whose MNF game he introduced with a faux announcement of his intent to run for President two years ago.

The end result is negligible to most but perhaps powerful where it matters – Pennsylvania.  The politics of the NFL seem natural to those who follow football, but it could be murky water for the unfamiliar.  In this case, Palin’s staff and the McCaign (TM) seem to have steered the VP candidate well.  Their strength in debate prep is another question, but if their knowledge in NFoLogy is any indication of her performance, Biden may need a goal line stand of his own to stave off the attack of Alaska’s barracuda.

4 Responses to NFoLogy: Palin’s Politics of McNabb

  1. Quite fascinating. One thing, though- Pennsylvania has two football teams- one can’t forget about the Pittsburgh Steelers. But given the industrial economy/rural feel of Western Pennsylvania/characters in “The Deer Hunter,” I think it’s probably safe to say most of those folks are voting for McCain already anyway.

  2. damn, that point really throws a wrench into my entire argument. why NOT a rothlisberger jerze? maybe that would seem too obsequious? i think the Chicago-Philly showdown might have been the main reason. damn, this chick has some cajones brothers.

  3. […] even 12 hours ago we posted our thoughts on Sarah Palin jogging through the streets wearing a Donovan McNabb Eagles jersey in an attempt, we […]

  4. As a far-away (Europe) Seahawks fan, I am always looking for new sites with Seattle information.

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