Is Nevada the Hanging Chad of 2008?

How's it hanging?

How's it Hanging?

We know the last thing you want to read about when you come to a site called Modern Jackass is politics.  You spend your day reading the New York Times, Talking Points Memo, The Daily Beast.  You need another group of beatards pontificating ignorantly on politics like you need another guest appearance by Mandy Moore on your favorite television show.  If there’s one thing we like confidently rambling on about in addition to politics, though, it’s the future, something we know a little something about.  We have been warning you of the Michael Phelps Halloween costume since August, and we think you’d be hard pressed to find a media outlet that uncovered the truth on McCain’s accusations against Obama that he supported sex education for kindergartners faster than your boys at MoJaMa.

Previously on point, we feel bolstered to make the following claim about the future: Come the evening of November 4th, after the polls close and the Networks are inaccurately projecting the winners and losers of each state, we as a nation will focus our attention on one state whose electoral votes will dangle in contention.  Not Florida, not Pennsylvania.  This year the Presidential election will turn decisively based on the wayward ties and croneyism of that outlaw to the West, Nevada.

According to reports filed by the AP and Washington Post, on Tuesday morning Nevada authorities raided the Las Vegas headquarters of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or Acorn, a nationwide community organization of low and moderate income households.  Spokespeople for Nevada’s Secretary of State and Attorney General claim authorities raided the group’s headquarters as part of an investigation into voter fraud.  According to a search warrant filed by the state, Acorn allegedly hired 59 felons as part of a work release program and submitted nearly 300 fraudulent voter registration cards, some of which included the names of Dallas Cowboys football players.  According to the Washington Post:

One ex-employee of ACORN reached by the state investigator told him she began making up names for her forms on days when it was too hot to work outside.

“So what?” you might be asking yourselves.  “What does this have to do with me and the vegetarian burrito I’m thinking about making for dinner?”  According to CNN electoral math as recently as one hour ago, Sen. McCain needs to win Florida, South Carolina, Virgina, Ohio, Missouri, Colorado and Nevada, all of which went Republican in the last election.  The challenge is significant in itself, but the recent national attention given to Tuesday’s Acorn raid in Las Vegas means democrats and their votes could be under both suspicion and attack over the next four weeks, casting a pallor over the state’s electoral outcome if McCain should lose the state.

Spokespeople for Acorn claim the raid was a political stunt because newly registered voters have the potential to reshape the state’s electorate.  Such claims lose weight, however, when those leading the investigation, in this case Nevada’s Secretary of State and Attorney General, are democrats, the political party with which Acorn is most often aligned. However, as an article in the New York Times on September 28th called “For McCain and Team, a Host of Ties to Gambling” discussed, McCain has many close connections to the gambling industry, particularly inside Nevada, and his relationships vested in special interest could very well be playing a back room role in this entire affair.

Perhaps aware of the electoral fallout of their ongoing investigation, members of both sides point to Acorn’s cooperation.  Though the raid was part of a larger initiative on the part of the state to cut down on voter fraud, Republicans will undoubtedly, as Lindsay Graham already has, use this news to further attack Obama and the democrats.  Republican strategists will accuse Obama’s team of “stealing votes” in Nevada and work to motivate the Republican base in the state to get out to the polls on Election Day to make sure “special interest groups like Acorn” don’t fraudulently hand the Democrats the White House.

Oh it’s coming, just wait.  Nevada will be our Bleeding Kansas of ’08 as voters from each party will come out in force to determine the fate of not only their state but our country.  Mark our words, what happened in Vegas Tuesday morning most certainly won’t stay there, and it may affect the entire country come the evening of November 4th.

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