MoJaMa Show and Tell: the Netflix Player by Roku

If you are one of the masses enjoying a Netflix subscription, then you probably have discovered their new “instant watch” feature. You then most likely excitedly clicked on the instant link to watch Cool Hand Luke instead of waiting for it to move down from the 32 position of your queue, then wept quietly when you realized that the feature is not available for Macs. PC-loving bastards.

But wipe those tears. I want to share with you the best new thing since yodeling, dude. And god knows why this isn’t being advertisted on the damn site. My life-long dream has materialized in the form of the Netflix Player by Roku and it is everything I hoped it would be. So throw out your DVDs, have a seat on your chaise, and tune in to whatever movie or tv show you could possibly feel like watching in this exact moment. The Roku player is a little box that you can buy for only $99 off their website; it plugs into your television and connects to the wireless interwebs in your abode. After putting a selection of flix on the instant watch queue, you can click through these movies/shows on your tv with a remote and watch anything – and all you need is an unlimited subscription to Netflix!!! (Okay not exactly, because not every movie/show is available for instant watch yet, but their intention is to eventually give you access to everything instantly.)

I know it sounds too good to be true. “It’s only $99?” you say with skepticism. “Sweet Jesus, last night I spent $120 last night on margaritas, 2 a.m. flautas with guac, and a cab home from midtown.” Belieeeve it. I bought mine on a Tuesday, it arrived on a Saturday, and now the future is here. It’s all in a tiny box. At my fingertips. Now I can stop watching scrambled episodes of The Office on youku, or googling “free tv shows online” when I’m drunk, or begrudging my mailbox when netflix still hasn’t sent Eraserhead and I’ve now wasted four days of the month on a movie I didn’t even want to see and probably won’t like.

It’s a new era. I can now wait patiently until every movie/show ever made is contained in this tiny box. But until then, I have quite a few options to pass the time. Hmmm, I’ll start with 30 Rock: Season 1. How about you?


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