Like a Rising in the Sun

The Obama campaign and the Boss are no strangers to each other. With 25 hours until polls begin to close on this election season we take our final opportunity to celebrate the messianic power of Barack. By March we will be disillusioned with his move toward the ideological center; by July the Daily Show will have learned how to poke fun at the left; by 2009 Obama backlash will begin in earnest as we go to war against Al Qaeda in both Pakistan and Iran.

Until then, however, let’s cross ourselves in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit for even Springsteen himself can’t refrain from anointing Obama the One. For most of us there’s life, there’s death, and there’s burial. Not so for the rest. For the select few there are 390 electoral votes, a democratic mandate, a Jay-Z endorsement and ascension from the corporal plane. Like the eve of Easter, we anxiously wait for tomorrow when doubt becomes faith, faith is affirmed and the Rising makes believers of us all.  President Obama, hallow be thy name.

One Response to Like a Rising in the Sun

  1. […] conclude the greatest story every told.  How appropriate that Bruce Springsteen, who played one of Sen. Obama’s final rallies, is slated to perform during the game’s halftime show.  It’s almost as if it’s […]

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