Bossa Nova Your Way to Little Joy’s Winter Oasis

Fab's making Cold War Brazilian tunes hot again

Fab's re-heating Cold War Brazilian tunes.

OK, OK, OK.  Now that we’ve all gotten over the fact that it’s fall and we can wear our scarves and jackets and brown shoes and whatever else makes us feel like we’re back on the old campus, fall semester, on the way to our “Taking Hitchcock Seriously: Text and Interpretation” English lit seminar, we can all relax, put away the Fugard we were reading, take the Antonioni off of our Netflix queue, and buy our Hibernation Packages at the local tanning salon.  We got 5 mo months of ashy knuckles, y’all, we better start thinking about how to keep our Vitamin Dees levels up for the long haul.

We here at MoJaMa been thinking lots about how to escape from the gray this winter.  In years past, we woulda booked our winter vacaysh package to the DR time share, but economy the way it is now we’re playing it frugal this year.  Since we can’t actually get away, we need something to take us away mentally and spiritually.  Tried Kombucha and Yerba Mate, but they gave us the runs.  So we started scrounging round the ‘nets for some classic bossa nova instead.

On our way to Ipanema, we stumbled upon the latest Strokes side project, Little Joy.  We already knew Fab Moretti was the type of male you didn’t even hope was never interested in your girlfriend because you knew she wouldn’t go for someone prettier than her.  You just hoped you could figure out where he bought his hair products so you too could look like a member of the 1985 Brazilian beach soccer league.  But what was Fab really all about?  Could he bro down, or would he always be on the borderline between skinny lothario drummer and prettyboy rocker wimp?

Turns out he can bro down, but only in that “hey man come check out this thing me and my girl got going on” type of way.  And you know what?  More power to him.  Because he found, in his Little Joy bandmate Rodrigo Amarante (member of Rio minimalist bossa nova group Los Hermanos), a dude so secure in his broficiency that he was ready to be a third wheel.  So Little Joy is Fab, his girfriend Binki, and Rodrigo.  And together they’re reminding us how good you feel when you’re in a place where there’s always a hammock to nap in.

Tell us Little Joy isn’t real bossa nova, tell us Fab got too Hollywood, tell us whatever you want.  But don’t bother me while I’m wearing my flip flops and drop-crotch linens in my living room, doing the samba while pouring myself a third cachaca punch cocktail.  And I’ll probably be too focused to listen to you while I’m doing my calf-raises and plyo-dips, getting my capoeira bod set so I can love meu linda all night.  Maybe you can catch me at the tanning salon, where I’ll be getting my Vitamin Dees on.  Can’t have tan lines in boy trunks.  But I might not be able to hear you since my headphones’ll be pumping this Carioca pulse.  Who needs earmuffs when you got this?


6 Responses to Bossa Nova Your Way to Little Joy’s Winter Oasis

  1. rockahella says:

    yodalee. this sounds like something that desperate housewives sitting in oprah’s favorite things audience are gonna be losing voices over along with some afro-caribbean calypso tunes. what’s wrong? you got wife eyes.

  2. rockahella says:

    also, this makes me miss my casio keyboard from 1991.

  3. Commingle Male says:

    yoblada. if a housewiife wants to dance with me I love to dance with her jaomesee? if you’re worried about who’s dancing you should stretch and breath and hope you feel better then.

  4. Stroke Back Mountain says:

    The Strokes have to be the only band whose members cannot help making the same kind of music, even independent of each other. This is one Albert Hammond guitar lead and fuzz box away from the Is This Is secret track. And my blessed brohova it is geeewwwwwd.

  5. rock out with yer clock out, Flav says:

    i hate (love) to be the bitter old sassy bitch here, but whatever that music playing in that video above is… it’s not bossa nova by any means. Now, its not bad at all, but this sounds more like a vegan burrito-mix of The Beach Boys, Weezer, The Cardigans, and Vampire Weekend.

    Bossa Nova translates loosely into “new beat” or “new trend” or “new wave”, as it was a new take on old samba and African rhythms. When played on the guitar, in a simple one-bar pattern the thumb plays the bass notes on 1 and 2, while the fingers pluck the chords in unison on the two eighth notes of beat one, followed by the second sixteenth note of beat two. Two-measure patterns usually contain a syncopation into the second measure. Overall, the rhythm has a swaying rather than swinging (as in jazz) feel.

    The music of Little Joy does not bring to mind salty breezes, cachaca, and banana boats, but rather a hot summer day sitting in a lawn chair on a rooftop in Brooklyn with my feet in a kiddie pool, watching the Puerto RIcan kids below play with the fire hydrant spewing water across the sidewalk.

  6. rock out with yer clock out, Flav says:

    perhaps I need a vacation from New York

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