Don’t Tase Me, Hold

Is the new catchphrase that’s going to be sweeping the country the words written by Attorney General nominee Eric Holder regarding the pardon of Marc Rich during his service to the Clinton administration?  In 2001, holder gave former President Clinton an opinion on the pardon of Rich that was “neutral, leaning towards favorable.”

I feel like we’re going to be hearing the phrase a lot as the confirmation process looms for Holder.  Try incorporating it into your daily routine to become a politically salient hit at your next social engayjment.

Brosley: How are things going with Aparna?

You: Neutral, leaning towards favorable.

Himesh: You know the guy who plays Ted on How I Met Your Mother?  What do you think of his acting this season?

You: Neutral, leaning toward favorable.

Bronak: You seen Synechdoche, NY?

You: Neutral, leaning towards favorable.

Bronak:  What?  Are you even listening to me?

You: Don’t tase me, bro.

Bronak:  Yeaaaaaaaaaa!  That shit’s the best!

You: That’s what she said.

Bronak:  Oh shit!  You’re on a roll!  Himesh!  Brosley!  Check this dude out!  He’s on a roll!

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