Jay Leno’s Racially Insensitive? Naw.


We all know it would take just a few weeks for the late night establishment to retrain their sights on the newly elected President.  Oh how quickly the annointed has become the butt of jokes.  But he hasn’t even done anything yet, you might be saying to yourself, what’s there to poke fun at?  His name, duy (is ‘duy’ back or was it always just about to be back and now it’s gone again?).

As someone with a five syllable name which may or may not contain a dipthong, I personally identified with the leaps forward this country made with the election of a President whose name is as intuitive as the new iTunes layout.

Weird names used to only be accepted on MTV Real Worlds where Elkas, Montanas, Cyruses and Floras would gather to talk race, politics and jacuzzi three-ways.  But now we got one of our own nominally complex in the White House and it’s time for the rest of yoos, you Chips, Kurts, Chads, Chucks and Killa Cams to take the time to stop and smell these roses, which by any other name, now smell like The Man.

Of course, that would require you to be a normal individual who doesn’t intentionally delude themselves into thinking they’re more stupid than they actually are, like that Cornell dude you worked with who programmed the shit out of Flash but then said “That’s What She Said’ after you told him good job.  Actually, I take that back, dude was a hero #1 who rocked a dipthong in his surname.

You know who is the Poster Boy for that kind of mentality, though?  Besides everyone who lived above Foster Street at Northwestern University?  Jay Leno.  The LA Times blog has this choice exerpt from his monologue tonight.

“The James Bond movie ‘Quantum of Solace’ was No. 1 at the box office — $70 million. Quantum of Solace? Doesn’t that sound like one of Barack Obama’s new cabinet members? ‘Hi, I’m Barack. This is Rahm Emanuel. And our new man Quantum of Solace.'”

Stitches, Jay.  Keep up the great work.

Further reading:  Asian Americans hate Jay Leno.  Is that a generalization or a stereotype?


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