Movie Review: Thumbsdown Millionaire

Oscar blah blah blah, Toronto blah blah blah, Parallel Cinema blah blah blah.  I’ll get back to you with a legitimate review after I digest that treacle.  In summary, see Redbelt instead.

Choice Mametism:

“I like fighters.  What the fuck.” – Ricky Jay

3 Responses to Movie Review: Thumbsdown Millionaire

  1. rockahella says:

    sounds like you’re coming from a dark place known as too many light beers on a thursday night. lighten up ebenezer, the holiday season has officially arrived (according to the featured music selections of every starbucks and barnes and noble). suck it up and embrace that treacle.

  2. whoa. get outta my head. that space is reserved for thoughts on what kind of taco i’m going to have for dinner.

  3. anita says:

    slumdog is the greatest film i’ve seen in a long time. love it.

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