White Fright in Brooklyn?

Thursday’s edition of the New York commuter newspaper, AM New York, had an installment in its Quality of Life series about rising crime during this slumping economy. The article focuses on high-crime hot spots like Staten Island’s 123rd Precinct and South Jamaica.  Also in focus were rapidly gentrifying sections of the city, such as Fort Greene, where the slowing economy has exacerbated tensions between the haves and have nots who live in such proximity.

Though crime is still at historic lows in New York, the past year has seen growing concerns about an impending spike in violent crime rates.  Not so long ago the New York Times canvased another area of rapid gentrification, Prospect Heights, about bubbling fears for public safety.  Governor Patterson has projected massive budget shortfalls for the state and Mayor Bloomberg has already confirmed a decrease in the number of Police cadets who will be entering the academy.  The future does indeed seem bleaker street for New York City, but who’s the real victim of this potential pending crime spree?  The cool kids that seek out the hood for authenticity, of course.

Is it possible things could ever get too real for the kids from Wisconsin subletting a basement in a crack den somewhere in Bedstuy or is the danger of certain areas outweighed by just how completely totally over Williamsburg and Greenpointe are?  Only time will tell, but no doubt the crowds of precocious college grads will keep coming in search of that Gossip Girl, How to Make it in America kind of world.  Listen to the rantings of an actuary in Chicago over g-chat:

you need to change certain things to keep up with the trendiness of brooklyn

fuck all that
12:24 PM brroklyn is the fakest place on earth
right now
ya digg that?
Damn.  Brooklyn faker than LA?  No wonder Vinny Chase was seen wandering around aimlessly at the Adidas anniversary party on North 9th and Bedford last night.
If you want to be ahead of the curve, move to Chinatown.  That’s where the cool cats will be moving next.  ‘Cause Brooklyn’s done, and apparently too dangerous.

One Response to White Fright in Brooklyn?

  1. rock out with yer clock out, Flav says:

    ya know, I never understood why, when you scratch your ass – hand outside of the undies – and smell your fingers, it still smells like you just wiped your ass with your hand. I mean, technically you did, but I would think the layer of cloth would shield your hand from any stank. Does that mean that there’s poo on my hand??

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