Happy 30,000 Views!

We know it’s no big thing when a You Tube video gets 30,000 views.  Andy Samberg could fart on an otter’s face and film it on his iPhone and that shit would break a milli by lunch.  But when it’s the Southern Mothers, two white boys from the least white states in the union (Michigan and GA) rapping for five minutes straight about a Danish installation artist?  There’s no reason that should get more than 5,000 hits from casually curious Daily Intelligencers and Gothamists.

But at 30,000 views, the Southern Mothers’ ‘Olafur Eliasson’ is now the most viewed You Tube video related to the artist.  Months after his waterfalls have come down around New York, Olafur Eliasson, the A Millie remix, still generates views as well as comments like:

ethiokingthe1 (2 days ago)


whitbois killed dis shit

dekonstructpsyche (2 months ago)
Deez lyrics iz tight..
startsnitching (2 months ago)
Best rap song of the year.
And our personal favorite, as well as the first comment dropped:
rx7sign (2 months ago)
These niggaz is nice
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  Happy 30 K.

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