McSoul: Are McDonald’s Commercials Racist?

A few days ago Bossip took a stand against the McDonald’s commercial that shows a black man singing sweet nothings to his young and tenders.  The first time I watched the commercial was with my roommate.  I was committed not to laugh.  I get it, another soul music parody.  It’s corny, it’s obvious, but shit, wait, at the last possible second it made me downright crack up and cackle. Girl, you got a 10 piece, please don’t be stingeeeeaaaauuuuuh.

Racist?  Naw.  The only person who should be offended by the commercial should be Ne-Yo since it sounds like he could have written the track, and who else dances in the rain in black leather often enough to make that image satirizeable?  2003 Usher?  Good call.

Like it or not, there’s just something inherently hilarious about non-sequitors sung with ridiculous R&B vocal runs.  It’s the same reason Reuben Studdard’s Sorry 2004 was a a joke and a jam at the same time. “It’s like when I forgot your gift on 02-14-03…Damn, so sooooooooooorry.”

Also, dude singing in the video is from now-defunct soul crew N2U, which had a minor hit a few years back called “Issues” that I actually downloaded under the impression that it would become a banger.  It didn’t.

Either way, an R&B dude from a nondescript black music group is on heavy rotation on national television and Kanye’s singing on his tracks.  Our President is black, our Lambeau is blue, and we’ll be goddamned if our Soul music’s no longer Nu, but legitimately new as in back.  Like Weezy said, “Where is Erykah Badu at?”  Seriously, though.  Where is she?

One Response to McSoul: Are McDonald’s Commercials Racist?

  1. Louie says:

    girl, you got a ten-piece

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