MoJaMa Saloot: Rod Blagojevich’s Style

Every once in a while you come across an image that leaves you with no other word to describe it other than, well, art.  The Chicago Tribune had a slide show on its site documenting Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s penchant for sweat suits.  The picture above is a sketch of the governor looking all Gandolfini’d at his Circuit Court appearance for corruption charges.

Say what you wil about the midwest, that it’s young and reckless, that it’ll snatch your necklace; one thing is for sure, it does criminal right.  Turqoise turtleneck, baby blue track jacket, and a pompadour with more swoosh than the Nike logo on his chest.  Lebron, who?  Looking dapper like that, G-Rod may be the one with the Answer.

And in case you want that Kanye Glow in the Dark / Chi Town Stand Up vibe:

One Response to MoJaMa Saloot: Rod Blagojevich’s Style

  1. coffee fiend says:

    Blagojevich has been so successful at making himself and his office look ridiculous that about a million people are now able to remember and maybe even spell his crazy name — that’s sort of like an accomplishment, right?

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