Barack is in the Building Tonight: Saloot to the Obama Jam

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The landing page for WPGC's website.

I’m supposed to meet Ruggles (of Southern Mothers fame) a half hour ago to chat about his burgeoning Hollywood career, but I’m just still riding this ridiculous high from DC.  Like, don’t get me wrong, Inauguration weekend got super dark and may have involved a shoving match between Matt and me at 3 in the morning somewhere in Rock Creek Park on the hood of his parent’s Volvo (nh).  I forget what it was we were arguing about, but I’m pretty sure he pulled the car over to shut me up from ranting about cosmetic change vs. revolution.  What can I say, pulling JD from the bottle in a Mt. Pleasant townhouse with a bunch of recent college grads patting themselves on the back and comparing “White House offers” is enough to drive any underachiever to the brink of self-destruction.

Anyway, Tuesday came, Tuesday went and it was beautiful, litter aside.  Like whatever, whatever about democracy and shit.  The thing that really blew us up was DC radio.  Obama FM, baby.  PGC, ya digg?  Right now’s all about the Obama remix and here are just a few of our favorites from the radios and the nets.

“Ether Boooooooooiiiii”

Our boy, Mulatto Matt on the Mic, came back from DC over XXX-Mas and was talking nonstop about this Ron Browz  cat.  Like seriously, dude would not shut up.  Pop champagne this, Rose that, Jim Jones and the limited exposure of Dip Set outside of the I-95 corridor.  But, yo, this “Barack Campaign” track legitimately blew up speakers all Inauguration weekend.  You need to respect the conscientious nod to “McCain & Palin” and including VP Biden in there.  So classy, Ron.  In our culture matrix you’re High Browz Despicable for life.


Barely Political and Obama Girl have been doing their thing for like 2 years now, but yo I think they may have aw naw, hell naw up and gone and done it with this Inauguration Dance Party track.  Yeah, the mere sight of Obama Girl makes my heart break and come back together like the T-1000, but whoever had the idea to auto-tune President Obama’s speeches and put them over this beat deserves an f’ing Macarthur or like at least a Webbie.  “Red States / Blue States / We are and always will be / The United States.”  That is a GD hooook.  Well played, BP.  Your tag line, “When Obama girl’s in town DC stands for Dance Club” is way gay, but whatever you’re probably channeling that Cher “Believe” instead of that T-Pain anyway.

“No more war / No more Iraq / No more white lies / My President is black”

Our Macaques in Chi have been on this Jeezy track since, I don’t know, whenever.  Jayzee dropped this remix and took control like Axis and Allies of DC radio.  Like DJ’s would stop the song, tell everyone in their cars to stop talking and listen and then they’d spin it again.  We haven’t heard that since GCI spun Trapped in the Closet 1 on repeat back in ’04.  Anyway, I don’t know if this version’s better than Jeezy’s or not, but lines like “Martin Luther could walk / So Barack Obama could run / Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly / So I’ma spread my wings / You can meet me in the sky” are so earnest it actually may mean something.  And when Jay’s talking about his love for the Red, White and Blue now it’s a symbolic sentiment that, yeah, a lot of people who have felt disenfranchised can identify as Americans at their core.  It’s like that Mavericks player that refused to salute the flag or acknowledge the National Anthem.  Those feelings were real for a lot of people and  maybe now there’s been a serious paradigm shift.  Whatever, I don’t know what I’m talking about.  Track’s hot.

Sheeeut.  I’m now an hour twenty minutes late to meet Ruggles at Everyman on 13th street.  Ruggles, I’m coming!  (nh).

3 Responses to Barack is in the Building Tonight: Saloot to the Obama Jam

  1. Mattson K says:

    oh what a feeling, im feeling life

  2. lookachoo leaving inspired comments olive a sudden. a new day indeed.

  3. Foolio Fresh says:

    yo that Jay rhyme is amazing. i don’t know about that Browz, though. i mean, he’s got 15 minutes on the biggest damn clock in Harlem, and i know he’s gotten with some heavy hitters in hip hop. but I don’t know.

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