2010: Year of the Korean

For a year or two now, we’ve been saying ’09 – ‘010 would be the “Year of the Korean.”  We were right about the Summer of the Dominican a year and a half ago, and will probably be spot on with our prediction of the year of the Indian coming around 2012.

In the tradition of patting ourselves on the back while grinning smugly and saying with ours eyes, “We told you so,” we give you the reality of today: two of the top videos on YouTube are by Korean pop sensations.  The first, the Korean Beyonce as she’s been described, Lee Hiyori.  The second, Boa, whom I know little about other than she was in the states this past Fall doing a whirlwind press tour that garnered zero attention from the mainstream press.  Wellz, guess we’re all paying attention now.

That’s not Lee Hyori, that’s Pumashock doing an electro-pop version of Hyori’s song U Go Girl.  The original video’s below, but Pumashock’s remake is the one at the top of the US YT charts.  Yeah, we count those charts now, too.

While you’re boning up on your Seoul music, get on your K-rom-com game too.

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