Milwaukee Meta4 Play

Some things are just too metaphoric.  Here’s Bongo BANGO, the mascot for the Milwaukee Bucks, first getting a basketball richoted off his nuts then second, falling through the basket and tearing his ACL.  Here’s to you, Milwaukee.  We love you.

3 Responses to Milwaukee Meta4 Play

  1. Curtis says:

    Bango. Not Bongo. When trying to make fun of something its good to know what that something is. I’m also missing the metaphor. I think you forgot to add that part.

  2. spell check’s gay. is metaphoric even a word?

  3. […] Real: Can Milwaukee Catch a Break? First there was Bango getting banged in the nuts, then there was some UConn cat shamwowing a Marquette guard to the same floor on which ‘Bron […]

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