Daily Darkness

It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby.  Time to dampen your mood.

Arrest Near in Killing of Chandra Levy, Authorities Say

Chandra Levy disappeared in May 2001.  A year later her body was found in Rock Creek Park, MD, an area outside of DC we here at MoJaMa know a little bit about.  Not so long ago there may have been a few incidents of off-roading, deer hunting and violent bouts of nostalgia on a baseball diamond at 3 am.

Former Congressman Gary Condit was questioned in Levy’s disappearance.  It surfaced that he and Levy had a relatoinship beyond the professional, and Condit could never shake the speculation that he was somehow involved in Levy’s disappearance.  Whereas some public officials can endure their Chappaquidicks, others lose re-election and find new ways of living their lives.

via NYTimes.com:

The news of Ms. Levy’s killing led to widespread speculation that Mr. Condit was involved, which fed front-page newspaper coverage of the case for months. After losing the primary election in 2002 to a former aide, Mr. Condit moved to Arizona. In 2005, he set up an ice cream franchise for Baskin-Robbins and sued several journalists over their coverage of the Levy case.

And that’s all she wrote.


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