Breaking Bollywood: “Devdas”

Now that A.R. Rahman’s blowing up, I think it’s important to ease white people into Bollywood so they don’t lose their bearings.  It’s not all good, in fact a lot of it is bad, and the soundtrack to Slumdog is really not that representative of the “flim” genre.  I think a lot of stuff is actually much better.  Sit back as we here at MoJaMa gently break you into Bollywood past and present.

This one’s called “Dola Re Dola” from the Hindi movie “Devdas,” directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and starring the Tom Hanks and Angelina of India, Shah Ruhk Khan and Aishwaryia Rai.

I personally think Bhansali’s sone of the best directors working in the world, unfortunately his penchant for melodrama doesn’t really sit well outside the built-in Bollywood audience.  To make matters worse, his production is so heavy-handed, think mid-career Frank Darabont meets mid-to-late-career Orson Welles, that it alienates the broader, general audience of Hindi cinema.

There’s a massive history behind the movie “Devdas,” a remake of a classic Hindi film, with several of the film’s original cast members featured in supporting roles, but I won’t get into it.  Just watch the performance for “Dola Re,” and imagine choreographing it for film, blocking it with cameras, and editing it so seamlessly that the audience never loses track of space.  To me it’s like 13 episodes of the West Wing al packed into one, and that’s saying a lot.

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    woah, ok this music is actually pretty dope, way better than Jai Ho. I think I let Rahman cloud my judgement of Indian film music too soon. It seems that Rahman writes the Indian equivalent of Enrique Iglesias doing American pop music. maybe not. anyway… homeboy’s got a wicked triumphant ‘stache. but does every Hindi movie have these kingly dance sequences?

  2. Naw man. Just like there are shitty Reece Witherspoon movies in Hollywood, lot of crap comes out of the Mumbai movie factory. I don’t think you’d actually ever like an Bollywood movie. If you’re into the folky side of the music, get into Bhangra, or Punjabi folk music – that’s where most of the big, indiginous beats that you prefer are coming from.

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