Catchphrase Rap?

With Soulja Boy’s “Bird Walk,” the trend of “How2” videos continues, the Stanky Legg being the most recent installment.  What began with the Laffy Taffy, then the Superman and the Chicken Noodle Soup has most likely gasped its dying breath.  Will this be the end of Ring Tone Rap?  Diggitiful.

What we can only surmise, however, is the slow ascent of the next movement in tween hip-hop, which we believe will see the rebirth of Catchphrase Rap.  What will be the new “Whoop there it is?”  The new “O.P.P?”  We joked around this past weekend and came up with the most ridiculous suggestion we could think of, which was a song centered around the phrase, “You stupid.”  Not surprisingly, Bow Wow’s already bringing that back in Ohio.  We’re fresh out of ideas.


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