In Defense of Michael Steele

You know what?  We love you, Black Steele.  We saw you speak at the Republican National Convention in 2004 as Lt. Gov. of Maryland, and though it was obvious the Republican party was using you as the Obama antidote, we still think it’s killer that you continue to serve your ideals as head of the Republican Party. Sure, you shouldn’t apologize to Rush Limbauh for things you meant, but yo, that’s politics and you got to protekt ya neck – and, you know, we’d use that phrase even if you weren’t African-American so let’s not even make an issue out of that.

What we’re trying to say is we think you should keep doing you because you’re a bright dude who’s doing exactly what he needs to be doing – his job.  All these people that are jumping on you haven’t taken the time to consider your individual successes that led you to the chairmanship of the RNC; they think you’re a token appointment to check Pres. Obama’s “Blackness.”  We know that’s not the case, that you served the Governor of Maryland and ran for a Senate seat to be one of the first black Senators from below the Mason Dixon line (we’re probably wrong on that).  It’s unfortunate that the blind adoration of Pres. Obama from the Left, and the reactionary ineptitude of the Right has left you in the middle, a reasonable dude bereft of party, without support whom the Republicans consider feckless and the Democrats consider a sell-out.

But you’re just you, an individual trying to rep his own beliefs.  Unfortunately, you’re black, just like our President, and because you’re not him, you demand that America recognize a plurality of “Black Experience.”  Well, that’s just an impossible task at this point in time, like leaping tall buildings and bending steel with your hands.  Let’s just take baby steps.  For now, our President is black.  Maybe in the distant future his enemies can be too.  Until then brace for disgrace and relentless disparagement; not from us, but from errrrrybody else, Democrats and Republicans alike.

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