Cam’ron: Get it in Ohio

February 28, 2009

From Commingle Male: “What I really think is that Cam’ron just can’t get love from NY so he thinks maybe if he names enough midwestern states and cities he’ll sell some records out there.  but still, that footage of the dirty cars in snow and the many, many fur coats is solidly legit.”

Bow Wow – “Ohio, Go Stoopid”

Recession Rap: Cam’Ron – I Hate My Job (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

February 5, 2009

Look, I don’t know if this is the official video, either, but dude looks like Cam’ron…kind of, and he sounds like him…sort of.  Cam’ron or not, guy has the Dip Set flow down pat:

“Yo, I hate my boss / Dude think he know it all / I think I know it all / But I follow protocol.”

While Rik Cordero and his Three21 Media crew have dropped eye-popping internet vids for The Roots, Wale, Consequence, Q-Tip, Busta Bus, Cam grabs his Flip Vid, throws himself down in a lawn chair and drops maybe $25 to promote his upcoming album.  Was it worth it?  I don’t now.  I watched the vid and so did 64,000 other people as well.

I can’t tell who directed or produced the video, but the YouTube channel links to The Piff, a mixtape blog with a download of a Flip track called “Drank in my Cup” off the Purple Sub “My Trunk 2” mixtape.  Not to be confused with a “Muxtape,” which annoying people with glasses like to bandy about as a real world.

The limited popularity of Dipset beyond the I-95 Corridor despite marquee members such as Cam, Jim Jones and Juelz continues to confound us as one of those freakanomic things of hip-hop, like how Soulja Boy is actually liquid.  With videos like “I Hate My Job,” Cam could either be showing us why exactly Dip in the Mix remains an Uptown thing or that he’s just stopped giving a fruck.

Any way you candy paint the Maybach, Cam might be doing the only thing real in rap today – recession level hip hop.  With the Nasdaq fallin’, there’s no more ballin’, and while Jim Jones is poppin’ rose with Ron Browz in the VIP, Cam’s doing DIY videos with DIY deck chairs as set dressing.  Cam may hate his job, but at least he’s got one – making music and vids on the cheap for the rest of us to enjoy.

“Why am I working here? / It ain’t working here / It ain’t worth it here but I gotta persevere.”

Can hip-hop at its current state of models, bottles and rainstorms in clubs survive in a time of foreclosures, bailouts and stimulus packages?  Who knows?  Maybe Cam’ron’s grown past his Chinchilla hey-day and moved on to a new voice for new times.  His new album, out in April, is called Crime Pays, perhaps the only industry that still does.