HeMotions 2: Office Function Gumption!

December 22, 2009

Oh cheyeah, the birth of LBJ (Li’l Baby Jesus) is just around the river bend and we got some treats for you, Hocahontas. It’s our second video for DETAILS Magazine’s web series “HeMotions” starring some white dudes playing some white dudes at a corporate holiday office party.

HeMotions 2: Office Function Gumption

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For those of you not privy, corporate holiday office parties are annual functions held by companies to allow employees three to five hours of revelry to forget their inconsequential existence in service to faceless, billion dollar entities that specialize in breaking dreams, pillaging the Earth and producing reality television.

These parties usually include hors d’ouvres (French for “cheese cubes”), tiny napkins, alcohol, awkward pauses in conversation with coworkers, inappropriate divulgations of long-harbored romantic feelings for the 23-year-old with the Eva Mendes hair in the cubicle by the men’s room, ill-advised karaoke performances of “Dirty Pop” and terabytes of JPEGS of you making an ass of yourself with Angel the bathroom attendant.

Still not ringing an Alexander Graham Bell? No worries*. Watch and learn, [insert Na’vi for ‘moron’ here].

*TM held by Vaughn Miller of Greendale Community College