The DNC Mix Tape for America

August 28, 2008

A mix tape is one of those intimate gestures we remember from high school. You’d spend hours, if not days, going through your CD collection, taping songs off the radio, searching for that perfect combination of songs that would tell your recipient exactly how you feel. It spoke louder than a letter, or a note or later, an email. It was a soundtrack to your soul, saying what you couldn’t say, articulating what you yourself couldn’t put into words. A mix tape is how you told someone I love you. A mix tape is how you won their heart.

And so the Democrats set out once again trying to achieve what they have failed to do for the past 8 years, win America’s heart and convince us, the American people, that they are the ones we should choose. They wooed us with words throughout the Primaries; they courted us with commercials. For the past four days, however, they resorted to that good ol’ fashioned accoutrement of courtship, the mix tape, to tug our heart strings into a flutter and tell us we’re the one. What follows, a break down of the music of the Democratic National Convention and whether they succeeded in getting in our pants.

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