Hockey Mom / Pitbull (Jockin’ SP Remix) by Southern Mothers

October 28, 2008

Remember when on the Glow in the Dark Tour, ‘Ye played the new beat he made and Jay came out and ripped the first verse of Jockin’ Jay-Z?  Holy shit that was tight!  But yo, something had to be done.  Jay couldn’t even get his Icebergs on ’cause Noel Gallagher was on his nuts so bad.

Well, now it’s pitbulls that are getting jocked like Secretariat.  Fresh off the success of their Olafur Eliasson A Milli remix, Southern Mothers are back to defend Pitbulls against GOP slander.  With seven days until Obamageddon, we ask you, “What’s the difference between a Hockey Mom and a Pitbull?”  Turns out a lot.

Southern Mothers, “Hockey Mom / Pitbull (Jockin’ SP Remix)”

Music: Jockin’ Jay-Z

Lyrics: Southern Mothers

Book: JRB

Vid: Modern Jackass