MoJaMa Video Shares Huff Po Page w/ Colbert, Letterman, Glenn Beck

May 8, 2009

Right there on the front page of the comedy section. See it? No? It’s right there. At the bottom. No, scroll down further. Further. Under the IQ TEST advertisement. On the left. Yeah, right there!

Best and only comment so far:

Jeremy Davis says:


As a vegetarian, I am glad I am doing my part to reduce these types of outbreaks by not paying into these factory farms.

Sorry, I can’t help but find this video too cheesy and not biting enough to be funny.

Check the Huffington Post entry HERE.

MoJaMa Saloot: Ryan Reynolds, HuffPo and the Sincerely Bearded Dude

October 9, 2008
Reynolds.  Bearded and Sincere.

Reynolds. Bearded and Sincere.

I know a lot of you come to this website intrigued by its title, lovingly cribbed from Ira Glass and This American Life.  You browse through the posts, check out the “about” page and leave more confused than when you entered.  “What does this have to do with This American Life?  What is this site for?”

First, this site has nothing to do with This American Life other than we all went to school in Chicago and mental-bated to the radio show’s uncanny way with words.  Second, this site is about too much to coherently articulate. We can tell you one thing this site is specifically against, however: mean-spiritedness.  The web is full of gossip rags and partisan vitriol celebrating the petty over the profound.  Our tiny contribution to the infinite world of CSS, blogs and Facebook is a sense of honest, reasoned discussion.  We’ll be the first to admit we know nothing, and we’ll never pretend like we do.

That being said, we take this moment to just bro the fuck down.  Today’s object of affection? Van Wilder, himself, Ryan Reynolds.

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