‘Ye, Stop Blowing My Mind, Preeeeez?

February 19, 2009

Guess this Cudi kid’s legit now, huh.

Yo, I don’t know what that effect in the vid is called, that hyper pixelation that you see come through on LQ Youtube videos, but the ability to recreate that so poetically makes me just kind of want to never really try anything again since Kanye’s probably already thought about doing it then moved on because it’s so lame duck easy.  Anyway, like the girl at Spitzer’s Corner who hated on Kanye for not being “self-aware,” – yeah, I know, she probably didn’t listen to the words on “All Falls Down” because she’s one of those, “I only listen to the beat” type of girls / guys / me’s – you probably think we’re off our rocker sweaeting 808s this hard.  We’re just saying dude’s doing Phil Collins right in so many ways at the right time and we’re just counting down the days until ‘Ye’s genius makes him go Herbie, he does his Bitches Brew and he starts rapping with a robot on stage.

808’s & Heartbreak: First Look

November 26, 2008

Just got the 808’s CD at Best Buy for $9.99.  Good deal.  Snapped some ‘pegs of the inside.  Bird flu.  Seyuuuk.  Happy spanksthrillin’.  

– MoJaMa

COUNTDOWN: 808’s & Heartbreak

November 13, 2008

I’m stuffed up with a head cold, but with the countdown to Kanye’s 808’s and Heartbreak down to, what, like 11 days?  I had to drop my 6 pence before the 808 haters come out to jump on kanye backlash backlash backlash.

50 said it right, above.  “[Muffled sound of microphone falling to the floor in disbelief] This is incredible.”  What makes it so incredible, in my eyes, though, is less the fact that Kanye made an entire record about Love, but how ‘Ye continues to be 99 steps ahead of the world in determining not only what you should be thinking but also what you should be feeling.

Kanye’s gone from The College Dropout to Late Registration to  Graduation.  What comes after graduating from college?  Kanye said it best, 808’s and Heartbreak, duy.  That reckless introduction into the real world where you miss the college environment that coddled you and told you you were special.  Now you got jobs; now you got responsibilities; now you got Verizon fi-os bills.  Sometimes the only escape you have is that Alesis you got off e-Bay and a New Basic Track waiting for an internal mic melody on Garageband.  And you sang.  You autotune and you saaaaaang.

“All those street lights glowing just happen to be like moments passing in front of me so I hopped in a cab and I paid my fare, see, I know my destination, I’m just not there.”

And that’s the hook.  Add to that sick Michael Kors (naw?) frames, a slim Fred Perry (naw?) white button down, and a $5000 herringbone blaze?  Sheeeeuuut.  That’s enough to make a deflated heart baloon on the cover damn near redundant.  It’s the countdown to Heartbreak.  And if Jeezy’s verse about standing at the podium worrying about his sodium is any indication, it’s gonna be a joyous ride.

Gangsta’ Glitter: A Premonition

November 3, 2008
Everything is better with glitter

Everything is better with glitter

The other night I had a dream. A dream that might well predict the future of urban fashion.

Just as I was drifting off, in that stage of not-quite-waking, not quite sleeping, I had a hypnogogic vision. It was during Phase 1 sleep, so it was just a brief flash, the kind of thing that can by behind your eyes without your taking serious notice. But I took notice, because it was pretty weird.

I was outside in a city, a big black Escalade pulled up, the tinted window rolled down, revealing a black man wearing some standard urban duds, let’s say apuffy  North Face jacket with a furred hood. The strange thing was he was wearing silver glitter lipstick and glitter eyeshadow, and pulling it off without the slightest emasculation.

It made him look crazy badass, not like a twiggy little anglo androgyne. A very striking effect.

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MoJaMa Anthems: Kanye West – Love Lockdown

September 16, 2008

Love him or really love him, Kanye’s always been an innovator. He re-wired the hip-hop game a few years back with his signature soul sampling style, and then took it to another level when he sampled Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” for his hit single “Stronger” (Have you heard it before? Were you alive in 2007? Side note – not too long after the release of this song, Wale freestyled over Justice’s D.A.N.C.E. He still has a warrant out for his arrest since he murdered the track like Ed Gein…let the dick riding continue).

So here come the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards and Kanye drops his new single, “Love Lockdown” almost exactly 1 year from the release of his last album, “Graduation.” To say this is his most ambitious single to date is a bit of an understatement. Not only is the ridiculous obsession with Auto-Tune in full effect (it actually works in this song), Mr. West exchanges rapping for all out crooning. Now it was brought to my attention last night that some people around the age of 20 or 21 do not know what crooning means. If you are part of this group, I pity you and will not define the word for you because then you’ll never learn. I suggest you go to your local high school, steal a Word Wealth book, and read it from front to back while listening to nothing but Morrissey on your ipod. If you don’t know why I mentioned Morrissey and crooning in the same rant, then click the little X on the top right corner of your screen and never come back to this site. Anyway, besides the vocal effects, the you’ll notice that the only sounds in the entire song are drum beats. The song is carried entirely by a slow, but booming 808, and a drum-line beat that is layered on top during the chorus. Read the rest of this entry »

MoJaMa Saloot: Gil Green

August 26, 2008

Gil Green’s that music video director you love but whom you can never think of when you try to list your favorite music video directors. Hype Williams, David Fincher, Mark Romanek, Spike Jonze, that dude Gondry….and it kind of peters out from there. Except Green’s probably made a good 70% of the videos that struck you as ingenious over the past 5 years. What follows: A MoJaMa salute to one of the best working music video directors today. The Criterion Collection after the jump.

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