Lonely Island, Please Stop Murdering the Game

March 26, 2009

Incrediblack: Can We End Self-Conscious Humor?

March 11, 2009

Thank you, Michael Cera, for showing white boys around the world how to be funny again.  We thought Jim Carrey kind of twerked that trope into irrelevance after Liar, Liar.

(See also David Spade after Black Sheep and Adam Sandler after Happy Gilmore).

There\’s something inherently annoying between two groups of white comedians interacting with each other.  In this case, Jake and Aamir and the Lonely Island Boys square off in a Cold War of Awkward as each tries to out white boy humor the other.  Both these groups make comedy about themselves, with their self-conscious references and all, which is probably why it\’s so painful to watch each one talk to each other about themselves.  Count the number of times Aamir says the words \”I\” or \”Me.\”  Seriously, do it.  Then tell me how many it is because I want to know.