Rhode Island: Packers or Patriots?

February 28, 2009

Rhode Island, apparently.

Unemployment in Providence has been like 10% for a bit now, so it’s no surprise that Rhode Island is one of the states hardest hit by the national recession.  Sadman happens to call the nutsack state his home and swears that Rhodies have sworn allegiance to the Patriots since the days of Bledsoe.  I never believed him.  I knew he was just searching for a reason to sweat that Brady Brand Wagon.  Case in point, the above picture from Saturday’s NY Times about Rhode Island’s crippling state deficit.  I don’t see any Patriots gear, only one dude rocking the Green Bay parka.  Everyone loves those high-flying Patriots when times are good, but when the going gets tough, nothing looks better in a picket line than a throwback Midwest Packers Starter jacket.  Jai ho.