Barack is in the Building Tonight: Saloot to the Obama Jam

January 22, 2009
The landing page for WPGC's website.

The landing page for WPGC's website.

I’m supposed to meet Ruggles (of Southern Mothers fame) a half hour ago to chat about his burgeoning Hollywood career, but I’m just still riding this ridiculous high from DC.  Like, don’t get me wrong, Inauguration weekend got super dark and may have involved a shoving match between Matt and me at 3 in the morning somewhere in Rock Creek Park on the hood of his parent’s Volvo (nh).  I forget what it was we were arguing about, but I’m pretty sure he pulled the car over to shut me up from ranting about cosmetic change vs. revolution.  What can I say, pulling JD from the bottle in a Mt. Pleasant townhouse with a bunch of recent college grads patting themselves on the back and comparing “White House offers” is enough to drive any underachiever to the brink of self-destruction.

Anyway, Tuesday came, Tuesday went and it was beautiful, litter aside.  Like whatever, whatever about democracy and shit.  The thing that really blew us up was DC radio.  Obama FM, baby.  PGC, ya digg?  Right now’s all about the Obama remix and here are just a few of our favorites from the radios and the nets.

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Yo Dee/Mp3-Jay: How To Pop Champagne on New Years Like Ron Browz

December 30, 2008

This New Years Eve, while you’re yelling at the Dee/Mp3-Jay (or your digital radio toggle because you’re home alone drinking red wine from the bottle and chain smoking because you anxious) trying to get your jam played you will know instantly whether your party’s tunes are in the right or wrong hands with one look and a few words from said Dee/Mp3-Jay.

You will ask for Beyonce and your Dee/Mp3-Jay should say:

“I got that Browz comin.”

And you’ll say:

“Oh great I’d love to browse your sele-“

And he’ll say:

“No back up I got that Browz comin.”

If you hear anything else, drop the complimentary champagne (wait you already did), gather some females, and walk your ass to the nearest velvet rope.  Show em, flash a couple of dollars and tell em “Ten rosès and a few cold waters.”

Tell em that.  Here’s how to do New Years this year: