Tour Blogging the Kominas

August 6, 2009

MoJa’s making moves! And movies! As we spend three weeks on the road documenting the life of DIY band The Kominas, we’re road blogging our experiences for MTV Iggy. Check the link below and keep abreastezzes of our goings on.

The Kominas Tour Blog at MTV Iggy.

MoJaMa PRESENTS: The Kominas – Keepin’ it Sunni Side Up!

June 17, 2009

Click Pick for Vid

Click Pick for Vid

Current TV don’t lie…unless it’s talking about the Republic of North Korea and its democratically elected dictatorship.  Kim Jong!  Kim Jong!  Kim Jong!  Check out our sit-down interview and live concert footage with Boston punk band The Kominas.  Don’t forget to rate it UP so we can keep eeking up those charts and doing our part for the brown boys from Bostonstan.