MoJaMa Video Shares Huff Po Page w/ Colbert, Letterman, Glenn Beck

May 8, 2009

Right there on the front page of the comedy section. See it? No? It’s right there. At the bottom. No, scroll down further. Further. Under the IQ TEST advertisement. On the left. Yeah, right there!

Best and only comment so far:

Jeremy Davis says:


As a vegetarian, I am glad I am doing my part to reduce these types of outbreaks by not paying into these factory farms.

Sorry, I can’t help but find this video too cheesy and not biting enough to be funny.

Check the Huffington Post entry HERE.

After Swine Flu, a Vegetarian Pandemic?

May 8, 2009

Is there anything sicker than nekkid pictures of Cassie Ventura leaked on to the web?  There is now.  ToFLU – a vegetarian pandemic sweeping the world in the wake of the herbivorous smiling smugly to themselves that the world’s mistreated animal stock has risen against its human masters.

The bloggs are already a-buzzin’ with hate, asking why, why, WHY anyone would want to make fun of vegetarians and “homos.”  We don’t know where they gleaned that bias; it’s probably a lot of internal angst about not having enough things to feel self-righteous about.

Anyway, this post has got to stop because yet another annoying white girl has colonized this Williamsburg coffee shop with her loud voice going on about her world travels to Morocco.  I know, I know – “Oh my GOD, why are you in Williamsburg?!  It’s your own fault for putting yourself in the thick of something so insufferable.” Oh racial apocalypse, donde esta you?

Cassie naked.  Sick.  ToFLU.  Sicker.