Viral Marketing, so 2000 and Late

June 16, 2009

MoJaMa: So you’re a tumblr page for a NY dude who walked a girl home and never got her number.  Now he’s using the internet to advertise his missed connection?

Viral Marketing: Yes!  Isn’t it clever?

MoJaMa: We have to admit, yes, it kind of is. I mean it’s pretty exhibitionist, quirky and reflective of an overly…performative…

Viral Marketing: PERFORMATIVE!

MoJaMa: Yeah, we hate that word, too.  Sorry.  I mean it’s reflective of an overly dramatic New York sensibility that’s insufferable to many over the age of 26.  But yeah, it’s like a high-dea that you followed through to completion, which I guess deserves a modicum of respect.

Viral Marketing: Wait, are you being sarcastic?  Or are you just criticizing because you don’t have the balls and ingenuity to do something creative for love?

MoJaMa: It’s a sense of shame and a paralyzing heap of insecurities that keep me from video blogging about love.  Speaking of, are you real?

Viral Marketing: That you even have to ask seems to reflect more about you than my Where is Lucy tumblr.

MoJaMa: I don’t follow.  So you’re not a viral marketing website disguised as a sincere Missed Connections tumblr to promote the IFC web series Like So Many Things?

Viral Marketing: My…This..Connection…Comcast…last month’s bill…interrupted…FIOS.

[Viral Marketing has signed out of this chat]