‘Ye, Stop Blowing My Mind, Preeeeez?

February 19, 2009

Guess this Cudi kid’s legit now, huh.

Yo, I don’t know what that effect in the vid is called, that hyper pixelation that you see come through on LQ Youtube videos, but the ability to recreate that so poetically makes me just kind of want to never really try anything again since Kanye’s probably already thought about doing it then moved on because it’s so lame duck easy.  Anyway, like the girl at Spitzer’s Corner who hated on Kanye for not being “self-aware,” – yeah, I know, she probably didn’t listen to the words on “All Falls Down” because she’s one of those, “I only listen to the beat” type of girls / guys / me’s – you probably think we’re off our rocker sweaeting 808s this hard.  We’re just saying dude’s doing Phil Collins right in so many ways at the right time and we’re just counting down the days until ‘Ye’s genius makes him go Herbie, he does his Bitches Brew and he starts rapping with a robot on stage.