Breaking News: Sarah Palin SEAHAWKS FAN

The Seattle Seahawks have a large fan-base in its neighbor to the North, including Mr. and Mrs. Palin.

The Seattle Seahawks have a large fan-base in its neighbor to the North, including Mr. and Mrs. Palin.

Not even 12 hours ago we posted our thoughts on Sarah Palin jogging through the streets wearing a Donovan McNabb Eagles jersey in an attempt, we presume, to court votes in Pennsylvania and commiserate with the team that fell to Obama’s Bears on Monday night.  Though we thought it was shamelessly political, we at least understood and respected the McCaign’s appreciation of the importance people place on their football teams.

What we can’t tolerate , however, is hypocrisy.  We speculated that Palin would be a Seahawks fan since many in Alaska are.  We didn’t expect that such an outrageous, inconsequential claim would be verified by a lazy google search that turned up a two week old article from Sports Northwest Magazine.  In that article Seth Kolloen quotes Todd Palin confirming that he and his wife are in fact Seattle Seahawks fans as well as members of the Seahawkers, the team’s official fan club.

Is this the kind of Maverick leadership we can expect from a Palin-McCain administration?  Are we HONESTLY supposed to trust someone who conceals their fealty for a football team for political purposes and willingly wears the jersey of a conference opponent?

If there’s one thing Americans take more seriously than politics it’s football.  Just ask Senator Specter of Pennsylvania who threatened to convene a Congressional inquiry into accusations against the Patriots for videotaping opponents’ signals from the bench.

Football isn’t just a game, Gov. Palin, it’s an industry as well as a way of life.  We respect that you have the testicular fortitude the media lacks to thumb your nose at Obama for supporting the Bears, but to do so at the risk of turning your back on the Seahawks, a team you supposedly cared enough about to join their fan club?  But I guess that’s about all the honesty and forthrightness we can expect from you considering other reports that confirm that Palin already claimed to be a Steelers fan.  THE TEAM THAT BEAT THE SEAHWAWKS IN SUPER BOWL XL!

How you can change your NFL allegiance that often and include in that pattern of indecision a team that beat your own supposed beloved team in the Super Bowl I cannot understand.  And despite how trivial this matter seems in the face of collapsing credit markets and border skirmishes with nuclear Pakistan, I truly believe it is an insight into character.  You don’t lie about NFL Fanhood in the fall.  What do you think this is, the MLB?

That Gov. Palin is so comfortable with switching allegiances to gain cheap political points leads me to believe she doesn’t understand the true essence of integrity.  The foibles I can forgive; the ignorance I can ignore; but the blatant hypocrisy of loving one team while courting the fan base of another reminds me of a phrase I’m not sure Gov. Palin could even define.  It’s not the Bush Doctrine, Mrs. Palin, it’s just plain ol’ Bush League.

2 Responses to Breaking News: Sarah Palin SEAHAWKS FAN

  1. Mattson K says:

    the MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL!! I got it. Most of the time, acronyms throw me off, but i’m getting them now. Thank you US OF A!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PUDDING POPS!!

  2. As a far-away (Europe) Seahawks fan, I am always looking for new sites with Seattle information.

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