HeMotions 2: Office Function Gumption!

December 22, 2009

Oh cheyeah, the birth of LBJ (Li’l Baby Jesus) is just around the river bend and we got some treats for you, Hocahontas. It’s our second video for DETAILS Magazine’s web series “HeMotions” starring some white dudes playing some white dudes at a corporate holiday office party.

HeMotions 2: Office Function Gumption

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For those of you not privy, corporate holiday office parties are annual functions held by companies to allow employees three to five hours of revelry to forget their inconsequential existence in service to faceless, billion dollar entities that specialize in breaking dreams, pillaging the Earth and producing reality television.

These parties usually include hors d’ouvres (French for “cheese cubes”), tiny napkins, alcohol, awkward pauses in conversation with coworkers, inappropriate divulgations of long-harbored romantic feelings for the 23-year-old with the Eva Mendes hair in the cubicle by the men’s room, ill-advised karaoke performances of “Dirty Pop” and terabytes of JPEGS of you making an ass of yourself with Angel the bathroom attendant.

Still not ringing an Alexander Graham Bell? No worries*. Watch and learn, [insert Na’vi for ‘moron’ here].

*TM held by Vaughn Miller of Greendale Community College

Tour Blogging the Kominas

August 6, 2009

MoJa’s making moves! And movies! As we spend three weeks on the road documenting the life of DIY band The Kominas, we’re road blogging our experiences for MTV Iggy. Check the link below and keep abreastezzes of our goings on.

The Kominas Tour Blog at MTV Iggy.

Help us Join the Ranks of the Mediocre!

June 17, 2009

Picture 3

#2 most popular VC2 on Current for the day.  Get us over the hump, caques!  Stuck between smart pill and Japanese dubbed Star Wars – story of our lives.  Yeah the video probably sucks – wah, wah – just vote UP on it and make it worth our time.  Please?  No?  Whatever.  Your teeth are yellow.

MoJaMa PRESENTS: The Kominas – Keepin’ it Sunni Side Up!

June 17, 2009

Click Pick for Vid

Click Pick for Vid

Current TV don’t lie…unless it’s talking about the Republic of North Korea and its democratically elected dictatorship.  Kim Jong!  Kim Jong!  Kim Jong!  Check out our sit-down interview and live concert footage with Boston punk band The Kominas.  Don’t forget to rate it UP so we can keep eeking up those charts and doing our part for the brown boys from Bostonstan.

Jay Sean ft. Li’l Wayne: You’re Smellcome!

June 16, 2009

Viral Marketing, so 2000 and Late

June 16, 2009

MoJaMa: So you’re a tumblr page for a NY dude who walked a girl home and never got her number.  Now he’s using the internet to advertise his missed connection?

Viral Marketing: Yes!  Isn’t it clever?

MoJaMa: We have to admit, yes, it kind of is. I mean it’s pretty exhibitionist, quirky and reflective of an overly…performative…

Viral Marketing: PERFORMATIVE!

MoJaMa: Yeah, we hate that word, too.  Sorry.  I mean it’s reflective of an overly dramatic New York sensibility that’s insufferable to many over the age of 26.  But yeah, it’s like a high-dea that you followed through to completion, which I guess deserves a modicum of respect.

Viral Marketing: Wait, are you being sarcastic?  Or are you just criticizing because you don’t have the balls and ingenuity to do something creative for love?

MoJaMa: It’s a sense of shame and a paralyzing heap of insecurities that keep me from video blogging about love.  Speaking of, are you real?

Viral Marketing: That you even have to ask seems to reflect more about you than my Where is Lucy tumblr.

MoJaMa: I don’t follow.  So you’re not a viral marketing website disguised as a sincere Missed Connections tumblr to promote the IFC web series Like So Many Things?

Viral Marketing: My…This..Connection…Comcast…last month’s bill…interrupted…FIOS.

[Viral Marketing has signed out of this chat]

Happy DMB Day 2009!

June 2, 2009

I was watching Unforgiven last night and the first words on the screen were “Big Whiskey, Wyoming.”  A portent at the very least that the world’s energy has crossed streams at the GooGrux crux of Dave Matthews and his merry men.  See, at that moment, barely past midnight, the Dave Matthews Band released its first album since the passing of saxophonist LeRoi Moore, and it took another grizzled cultural icon whose ridden the zeitgeist like a prize bull at a Wichita rodea, Clint Eastwood, to let us mere mortals know that Dizzle.M.Bizzle is back.  You’re right, he never left.  So maybe we’re all just coming home.  Welcome home, ‘Murrica.